Vincent Darré collection by Bisazza

BRAND Bisazza
DESIGNER Vincent Darré
The Bisazza first collaboration with French designer and artist, Vincent Darré is a collection that takes his name, including four decorations in glass mosaic – Caryatides, Calliope, Thalia and Erato – inspired by recurring themes in Darré’s imaginative and eclectic universe: Neoclassicism and Surrealism. Approaching mosaic art for the first time, the French designer has created for Bisazza a series of mythological subjects interpreted in his unmistakable style: extravagant and sophisticated, rich in cultural references and refined irony. Bringing the poetic side of the decorative arts to the contemporary scene, for this collection Darré was inspired by the mosaics of the mythological city of Pompeii, imagining decorations in homage to Jean Cocteau.