DESIGNER Project office

Exotic atmospheres and suggestions of ancient techniques used to cover hammams, the oriental spa complexes, with coloured lime have inspired the new ceramic project by Cir Manifatture Ceramiche. It is called Tadelakt, just like the Moroccan plaster to which it is dedicated, the collection that brings back to the porcelain stoneware surface the charm of the wall covering created in the Marrakech area, characterised by a pleasant aesthetic effect similar to marmorino and Venetian stucco, but with the intense colours typical of the North African tradition. White like the flowers of the Maghreb, black like the mountains of Morocco, ochre like the streets of the old city, red like spicy spices, green like mint tea and beige like cumin, a wide range of soft, warm colours in a project conceived to conquer the spaces of architecture and interior design even at latitudes far removed from the places of inspiration, bringing all their charm and beauty. Tadelakt also proposes a series of decorative patterns to transform walls into true scenographies. The collection offers designers four formats for each shade, from the largest 120x120 cm to 60x60 cm, to the smallest 10x40 cm, completed by a rich decorative proposal on 60x120 cm slabs to create creative combinations capable of making every room unique and special.