Moove Urban

Moove Natural is an all-wood collection of pressed and milled panels. A wide choice of profiles produced in three wood types: ayous, oak and walnut. Ideally, the Moove family finds a perfect dialogue with Clap! by Déco floor coverings, within a market frame that combines great practicality and a total look that enhances even the most complex hospitality or nautical environments. Moove Natural is handcrafted: manual milling creates regular or asymmetrical patterns and the wood finds a new interpretation in an easily customisable product. A fireproof treatment is available on request. The support can be rigid, flexible or with a contrasting coloured base. The flexible modules docilely follow the movement of surfaces, even with very small radii. A construction detail that simplifies the work of interior designers and architects significantly and reduces processing time and material waste. Eight different profiles create as many formal styles, from the most contemporary to the most classic, capable of mitigating or emphasising the aesthetic choices of each environment.