Nova by Déco

DESIGNER Project office

Thanks to the integration of Nova Led strips (8, 12 and 16 W) designed to fit elegantly within the grooves of Déco profiles, the cladding detail becomes an integral part of the staging of the residential and hospitality environment. The dynamism of light, to be easily and intuitively managed via app, voice command or remote control, combines with color choice and helps design ever-changing moods in outdoor and indoor spaces. There are two Déco products with which Nova is combined. Twix is a modular solution with a composite wood plank effect, ideal for walls and ceilings, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors to create continuous in&out solutions. Moove.Urban with Tower profile, on the other hand, is an indoor wall and ceiling covering that with the addition of light thus becomes not only an aesthetic element but a true source of illumination, transforming rooms into scenic and exciting spaces. Nova is smartly designed to be installed without invasive intervention and facilitate finishing work with details that are not only minimal but capable of adding surprising effects and a new warm tech quality to the work of architects and designers.