Iride by FerreroLegno

BRAND FerreroLegno
DESIGNER Project office
FerreroLegno presents a new and revolutionary finishing with a very low environmental impact and with a very high visual effect for its doors, the good result of design research, high quality, great green attitude. That is Iride, available in 8 different shades that combine performance and aesthetics. This finishing enhances the wood grain and gives a sophisticated ultra-matt effect, totally anti-reflection, soft-touch and anti-fingerprint. From a functional point of view, there are two important plus: firstly, a high resistance to scratching and cold liquids, and secondly resilience: the possibility of overcome to the light damage with a heat treatment. The eco-sustainable component is also important, which is expressed in the use of bio water-based paints, in the absence of formaldehyde and through a production cycle that drastically reduces CO₂.