Ceramica 4D by Iris Ceramica Group

DESIGNER Project office
4D Ceramics Iris Ceramica Group’s research into technological innovation has taken another step forward in the re-engineering of ceramics, taking the material to a higher and totally unique level of development. As in nature, 4D Ceramic surface comes from stratification, and becomes granitic. Solid as a rock, composed of natural minerals, it withholds in its 12 and 20 mm thickness all its history and the elements from which life originates: water, fire, earth. And so, a living is born, a surface with a soul, the same sustainable soul that Iris Ceramica Group is renowned for: the fourth dimension embraces the Group’s values, impressed in the body of matter. To the eye, 4D Ceramics maintains the same surface decoration throughout the thickness, recreating natural grains, colour shades, geometric patterns and totally eliminating any distinction between the surface and the edge. The SapienStone brand translates its expressive potential by becoming the forerunner of a new way of narrating furniture.