DESIGNER Project office

Ecos is a project, but above all a method of processing wood according to the principles of a sustainable circular economy. With the small scraps of wood becoming a floor or wall covering of immense value from both a technological and environmental point of view. The principle behind Ecos is that nothing should be thrown away and therefore wasted, because wood is a precious, noble, regenerable, reusable raw material. Minimising processing waste, revalorising them and giving a new life to parts of wood that would otherwise be lost and generate waste. With Ecos every scrap is recovered and becomes part of new eco-sustainable tables, respectful of the environment and the gifts that the Earth offers mankind. A virtuous use of wood that wants to be a stimulus to the development of sustainable management and conscious purchasing. The project takes the form of a collection of products ranging from two-layer flooring (Online industrial parquet, Online parquet and Tecno smart parquet) to Le Righe Fineline boiserie.