Le Righe, Le Righe Fineline

DESIGNER Project office
The new Itlas proposal was born within the larger Bathroom Project: a three-dimensional boiserie, which can be installed both vertically and horizontally, generating optical effects that animate the coated surfaces. Available in the Le Righe and Le Righe Fineline versions, the system can also be implemented using the Ecos method (sustainable circular economy), which the company is implementing to minimize processing waste. The project aims to revalue the raw material by giving new life to the parts of the material that would otherwise be lost by generating waste. The recovery of small wood scraps gives life to new eco-sustainable, environmentally friendly tables. A new product that arouses interest and interprets this request for design and furnishings according to Itlas philosophy, idea and taste. At the same time responding to the sustainability choices that have characterized the company's path for years. The Le Righe Fineline wall paneling is made by recovering small scraps of wood, those that are generally considered processing waste and which, thanks to the recent Ecos project, give life to an environmentally friendly product, an example of circular economy. It is offered in five colors and, beyond a certain size, customized according to the customer's needs.