BRAND Kerakoll
DESIGNER Project office
Cementoresina is a resin floor covering with high aesthetic quality, which is part of the fifteen material textures of Color Collection, a collection of colours and surfaces for interior decoration by Kerakoll. The special feature of this surface is the homogeneous finish with spatula strokes and ripples, chromatic marbling and material vibrations achieved through handcrafted application. Cementoresina, offered in one hundred and fifty shades, has a high content of natural pigments that allow for personalisation of the living space, lending itself to floors and stairs while its impermeability makes it suitable for covering even shower trays, bathtubs and very humid environments, such as Turkish baths.
To give continuity to environments with Cementoresina floors, the Color Collection also includes Cementoresina Wall, designed for so-called ‘technical’ walls, such as those in bathrooms and kitchens.
Cementoresina does not release odours and substances that are harmful to the environment and human health, both in the floor and wall version. It is a three millimeter thick high-performance natural finish. Easy-to-clean surface, resistant to bacteria and the most common detergents, it complies with the HACCP protocol for the decoration of environments for food use, including commercial use, and is suitable for children’s bedrooms.
It is also perfectly suitable for radiant systems.
Cementoresina can be applied on a new floor or on an existing one in ceramic, marble, stoneware or mosaic. In the first case, a consolidating primer is needed; in the second, on the other hand, it is necessary to lightly sand and wipe an adhesion promoter with a damp cloth. Then a first layer, Floorzero, is applied which guarantees perfect adhesion by creating an elastic and tenacious layer. Next, a double skim coat is applied to define the texture of the floor. The last two transparent layers, in the form of a gel and a water-based protective film, guarantee total cleanability of the surface and protection against scratches and wear over time. Finally, an extra matte finish contributes to creating a natural and elegant atmosphere.
Kerakoll surfaces are the result of unique processes and manual workmanship by specialized craftsmen that make each surface inimitable and not industrially reproducible.