Fugabella Color

BRAND Kerakoll
DESIGNER Project office

Fugabella Color is colour that brings surfaces to life, a decorative resin-cement for grouting ceramics, mosaics and natural stone. With its 50 contemporary colours, it offers different combinations for interior projects, leaving room for a chromatic universe of great measure, where elegance, freshness and refined taste find maximum expression. Fugabella Color responds to the aesthetic and functional requirements dictated by the evolution of the ceramic industry and the needs of interior designers, specifiers and applicators looking for a product that can guarantee the best aesthetic continuity to a discontinuous surface. Fugabella Color is part of Kerakoll's Color Fill range, a complete system of grouts and sealants for decorative finishing that responds to the aesthetic and performance requirements of the surface world. The system includes two fillers, Fugabella Color and Fugalite Color, and three sealers, Silicone Color, Neutro Color and Silmat Color, for solutions suitable for a variety of uses. The 50-colour Color Chart - also shared by Fugabella Color - integrates with the most varied shapes and materials, enabling aesthetic consistency between different applications.