BRAND Marazzi
DESIGNER Project office
From the selection of the rarest and most precious marbles and the observation of the latest trends in architecture and interior design, Allmarble was born, responding to all design requirements with a wide range of surfaces, finishes, special pieces and a rich programme of three-dimensional elements and mosaics. The study of the smallest details of the inspiring materials is the driving force behind the creation of stoneware collections vibrant with contemporary energy and strong with the elegance that only the great classics can boast. The result of a careful selection of raw materials and exclusive technologies, Allmarble reinterprets over thirty marbles of beauty by declining them in different surfaces, multiple combinations, infinite design possibilities. The collection now includes new variants: the new essences Crema Marfil, Tafu, Fior di Pesco Carnico, Calacatta Black. Plus four different Onyxes: Avorio, Beige, Giada and Black. The range is very wide: light marbles, dark marbles, marbles with more or less veining, mosaics, decorations, small and very large formats. The wide range of sizes, the different finishes, the availability of 20 mm thickness, two-colour slabs, hexagons, mosaics and 3D elements open up the possibility of compositional alternatives for floor and wall laying in interiors and exteriors. The extra-large sizes of the Grande Marble Look collection in 6 mm complement the traditional thickness formats of Allmarble. Also in the catalogue is a large selection of mosaics whose composition allows free laying: five three-dimensional mosaics and ten Ventaglio mosaics. A type of product that finds its ideal function in the cladding of circumscribed areas such as backsplashes, showers and niches, but is also ideal on the whole wall to give movement and character to the environment.