Confetto by Marazzi

BRAND Marazzi
DESIGNER Project office
Confetto is the new small-size porcelain stoneware proposal that becomes part of the Crogiolo collection by Marazzi that rediscovers the charm of authentic ceramics with a hand-made touch that is the result of a new hi-tech industrial craftsmanship. The surface is semi-matt, ‘sugared’, soft to the touch and is produced in a wide colour palette of 12 warm and cool shades in the modular 5x15 and 10x10 sizes. The 3D Savoiardo 5x15 texture is inspired by the historical Canne Organo collection designed by Nino Caruso for Marazzi in the early 1970s. Thanks to its minimalist yet sophisticated design, is dedicated to residential and commercial environments where you want to recreate a cosy allure and rediscover the charm of the ‘handmade’. Confetto can be applied on walls and floors as well as design furniture elements.