Richmond by Ragno

DESIGNER Project office
Five shades from beige to greige by way of ivory and grey, for a collection in line with the most contemporary design. Two sizes, 100x100 and 60x120 cm, are available in three surfaces: Natural R9, Natural R10 B and Structured R11 C. The StepWise technology gives surfaces high slip resistance while conserving a soft ‘feel’. The stone effect’s versatility comes to the fore in monochrome combinations of the new 33x100 cm size and the floor tile sizes, or in pairings with other Ragno products, such as glossy finish small sizes and marble-effect large slabs. The wallpaper-effect concept of decorative continuity is highlighted in geometrical and natural motifs, from leaves to flowers, and in three-dimensional structures that evoke the high and low-relief carving of stone surfaces.