BRAND Serenissima
DESIGNER Project office

A surface that offers visual and tactile experiences capable of narrating a land rich in tradition, Italica is the new glazed full-body coloured porcelain stoneware project by Serenissima in which ceramics take on the decisive character of the terracotta effect. The aesthetics of the collection grafts contemporary notes into a timeless material score, amidst evocative colour shades of great personality, developing proposals for elegant and versatile interiors and safe and comfortable exteriors. The five colours make up a surprising palette, open to the most original creative ideas, where design requirements and stylistic research find contemporary answers for residential and commercial design. Terra Bruciata, intense and recognisable, reveals the material inspiration of the project through warm, red dominants, diluted by the product's shading. Warm and enveloping tones also in the Terra Dolce proposal that recalls intimate spaces and romantic atmospheres, a colour with delicate nuances inspired by the brightness of dawn. Neutral par excellence, Italica's white is Terra Salina, a shade that brings out the originality of the texture and invites combinations of colours and material effects. Primordial energy and uncompromising character in the suggestions of Terra Arsa, the collection's darkest shade, open to style contaminations thanks to its elegant tones. And finally, Terra Salmastra, a neutral, luminous and soft shade,