BRAND WallPepper
DESIGNER Thirtyone

Unexpected graphics suggest new ideas for decorating contemporary living.
Bold textures, optical effects, mixes of shapes and colours, abstract creations, hypnotic shapes, unexpected geometries, graphics that faithfully reproduce the surface of materials such as marble, cement, wood, metal. And again, classic motifs alternate with proposals in industrial style or with metropolitan charm. Every graphic can be printed on the available materials and systems: WP/Smooth TNT is the wallpaper composed of cellulose and agave, with unique characteristics, soft to the touch, washable with neutral solutions, ideal for indoor decoration; its composition allows rooms to breathe while decorating with elegance.

 The constant search for suitable innovative solutions has allowed WallPepper/Group to develop special materials and technical systems to bring WallPepper creativity into every environment.
 Like WP/Suede: recycled Pet material, washable with detergents, stain-resistant without the need for protective finishes.