Thanks to a design approach based on the principles of circular economy, Kata is a lounge chair that can be defined as absolutely sustainable in its environmental impact, not only for its natural materials – woven straw and FSC-certified solid oak and black locust, for the first time used by Arper – but also for the overall ecological processing. The 3D knit textile technology ensures that the upholstery fits perfectly the frame, allowing the exactly production of the amount material needed and ensuring no waste, as opposed to a common fabric that involves more waste. In addition, 3D knit textile and padding are made from the same material and can be recycled without the need to separate them. The hi-tech process used to create the 3D knit textile conveys the feeling of a cushion filled with foam, without the reduction of the material used penalizing comfort.
Lightweight and delicate in form, Kata is a chair that evokes tradition, reinterpreted with contemporary technological solutions that give it a minimal silhouette. The collective of international designers Altherr Désile Park wanted to realize a creation with an artisanal beauty that would refer to the past without indulging in nostalgia effect.

Ph. Salva Lopez