Alvor by Etel

DESIGNER Daciano da Costa
Reloaded icons. The Alvor chairs by Etel, that the Portuguese architect-designer Daciano da Costa designed for the luxurious Hotel Alvor Praia, opened in 1966 at Algarve, are featured in three beautiful and meaningful versions: one in wood with a seat in green and blue fabric, inspired by the colors of traditional Algarve boats; a second, total wood, designed especially for the Casa da Música in Oporto, famous architecture designed by Rem Koolhaas; while the third, the version Barclays, is in wood with leather seat. The latter was awarded in Algarve city in 1996 and poetically baptized as “Banco com (A)braços”. With this selection of pieces, Etel celebrates the introduction of the first non-Brazilian modernist designer to its Modernist collection.