Eliseo by Flexform

BRAND Flexform
DESIGNER Antonio Citterio
There are three keywords to define the new Eliseo armchair, design Antonio Citterio for Flexform, and they all begin with the letter E. E as elegance, the kind of formal elegance typical of the Flexform style, which has always complied with an aesthetic code based on a sense of proportion, attention to detail and to the simplicity of the project. E as for ergonomics: the enveloping lines and soft padding of the Eliseo armchair admirably combine form and function and grant a superior level of comfort. E as equilibrium, meaning the perfect balance of proportions, which remains unchanged in the two proposed versions: the club armchair and the bergère. Antonio Citterio talks about it: “With the Eliseo’s family of seating we continue the tradition started with Feel Good first and then with Guscio, and Guscioalto; armchairs that convey the perception of high-quality craftsmanship”.