Ad Nastra by Sawaya&Moroni

DESIGNER William Sawaya
“As a young boy at the French school of the Frères Maristes, I often heard the motto ‘per aspera ad astra’ as an incitement to hard work. Although I have never mastered Latin, I understood the message: ‘the path to virtue and glory is fraught with difficulties’. In the case of this chair, the idea of wanting to attach a floating, light ribbon to a minimalist structure was not at all easy. After many technical difficulties encountered during the process, designer William Sawaya came back to the offending motto and applied it with humour to the project. Ad Nastra by Sawaya & Moroni, is characterised by a ribbon that forms a seat and backrest of flat metal completely covered in leather or fabric on a chrome-plated tubular steel frame. A strong and reassuring image combined with a feeling of lightness and great comfort.