Super Chair

DESIGNER Nicholas Baker
Distinguished by its unmistakable silhouette, Super Chair is a monocoque chair made of 100% recycled plastic, with organic and harmonious shapes intended for domestic and contract environments. The project was born with the ambition of creating a chair that could become an icon in the world of seating. In order to obtain this unique silhouette and make the chair immediately recognisable, the designer developed the concept directly in 3D, starting from a plane that he modelled with the aid of the VR visor to obtain a sinuous and fluid shape. The chair, entirely made in Italy, was produced using injection moulding technology in recycled polypropylene and covered with a Silky finish for a more elegant look and to give the chair a velvety effect. The material used for the production of the Super Chair is made with Re-Life technology and the polymeric part is obtained by recycling scrap and industrial waste without using fossil resources.