DESIGNER Ufficio Progetti
AGB invents a new handle and revolutionizes an object that expresses itself more on aesthetics than on typological evolution. The novelty is called Wave and is a coplanar handle, which combines grip and closure. Wave is available in every useful version: bathroom, keyless or European profile cylinder. The closing cover is hooked with a snap system and the design of the handle is always consistent in all the available versions of the lock. An important innovation for those who produce doors, and for the interior designers who choose them. Because a uniform, essential solution, which almost manages to disappear into the surface, allows a simplicity of design use directly proportional to the aesthetic uniformity of the final result. Wave also exists in the version for doors and sliding doors, and maintains the same dimensions and shapes. The upper part is fixed and serves to move the sash. While the lock mechanism is concentrated in the lower part. AGB's new handle opens up new possibilities in total look interior design, while remaining a functional and ergonomic solution. The installation of the same handle, flush with the wall and coplanar, on all doors and doors, allows us to imagine completely different surfaces, which integrate into the furniture while being partition elements. Even the most classic problems of the protruding handle are overcome: contact with walls or boiserie, the limitation of movement spaces. Or the involuntary entanglement of clothes or parts of the body. Wave can also be used in space-saving doors, where a retractable handle is required. A single process for all closure versions allows the door to produce a single standardized panel. Even after installation, it is possible to change the sealing solution in a few seconds. A system so easy that the device can be varied or changed in seconds. And Wave is not just a handle, but a complete lock system with stop.