BRAND Barausse
DESIGNER Project office
Continuity, a system that integrates closure solutions with panelling and furnishing elements for harmonious environments, takes shape from the concept of enhancing the simplicity of design with the aesthetic refinement of materials. A natural transition from the door-system to sliding systems, partitions, walk-in wardrobes, equipped walls and pivoting doors. Continuity is based on the choice of emphasising the brightness and harmony of rooms: maximising the light between spaces is the prerogative of interior design projects that, together with the choice of materials, dimensions and soundproofing performance, create a complete system that ensures comfort and functionality. Because today it is essential to find tailor-made solutions and combine a wide variety of finishes such as aluminium, marble, leather, wood and glass with customised technological products. Barausse solutions are capable of creating prestigious interior architecture: the system is the result of design and market evolution, and responds to the need to create versatile, total-look design environments, leaving great freedom of composition to both the designer and the client.