BRAND Neolith
DESIGNER Project office
Gradually, cities are beginning to see the benefits in designing a green approach that opts for sustainable urban planning capable of reducing urban temperature, mitigating pollution, and fostering natural environmental resilience. The materials of Neolith, a Spanish company active in the market for sintered stone surfaces, increasingly represent a strategic ally in solving the traditional opposition between inside and outside, creating a seamless environment between building facades and home interiors. Neolith works to offer designers an abacus of solutions that resolve the dichotomy of indoor and outdoor through a repertoire of contemporary proposals in line with sophisticated aesthetic research. Penthouses, terraces, porches, swimming pools, gardens or outdoor furniture and kitchens are undergoing a profound transformation, converting into essential spaces for the daily life of the home, regardless of the season of the year. The use of Neolith surfaces on the facades of buildings of all kinds accelerates the materialization of this new trend that brings into the home spaces that until now were only available in high-end hotels and resorts, designed to offer the best experience of excellence to their customers. Today they become a reality for all situations, thanks to the technical prerogatives of versatility and durability that characterizes the Neolith catalog.
Made with natural products, most of which are recycled, these surfaces facilitate air circulation by allowing water vapor to diffuse from the inside to the outside and consequently allow the facade to breathe and prevent condensation from forming behind the panels. These are surfaces that stand out for their thermal insulation capacity, eliminating thermal bridges and, therefore, temperature fluctuations inside the building, achieving energy savings of up to 40 percent. Neolith offers solar protection, making the interior of the building thermally comfortable since excessive heating is prevented in summer, and improves sound insulation since the ventilated facade system is composed of several layers that increase the level of sound absorption. Waterproofing is another prerogative: the chimney effect produced by the air chamber prevents water filtration and protects the building structure. Neolith leverages a sustainability plan that places the company at the forefront of environmental protection. Proof of this are the Zero Waste and EcoVadis Gold certifications, which confirm the brand’s green vocation for sustainability and make its sustainable DNA clear.