Color Collection

BRAND Kerakoll
DESIGNER Ufficio Progetti
Color Collection by Kerakoll is a collection that combines colors and surfaces for indoor and outdoor decoration, offering multiple mixes of tones and textures and creating solutions of great aesthetic impact. Among the fifteen material textures available, two ultra-flat surfaces stand out: Absolute Paint and Decor Paint that, thanks to their deep opacity, absorb the rays reacting differently to the play of light at various times of the day.
The two paints have a high content of natural pigments. This feature, combined with the possibility of choosing from one hundred and fifty shades characterized by a high chromatic intensity, makes them particularly sophisticated and perfect for personalizing the living space. Each Kerakoll surface has a recommended use. In this case, the ideal applications for Absolute Paint and Decor Paint are walls and ceilings.
In particular, Absolute Paint is an odourless water-based decorative paint with an extra-matte natural finish with high chromatic depth. Thanks to a high concentration of pigments, oils and active ingredients, it recalls the style of natural lime paints. It is highly breathable, therefore ideal for completing dehumidifying systems. The extra-matt effect guarantees very high coverage.
Decor Paint, on the other hand, is a decorative water-based resin-painting with a sanitizable matte finish with high chromatic intensity, ideal for decorating walls more subject to washing such as those in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for children and high-traffic areas such as corridors and stairways.
Characterized by the absence of heavy metals, the two paints do not release odors and substances harmful to the environment and people’s health.