BRAND Caleido
A modular radiator that dialogues with the environment and integrates into the contemporary home. It's called Parenthesis and Marco Piva designed it for Caleido. Parenthesis has extruded aluminum profiles that have allowed the creation of a design with vertical development. A contemporary and functional product, which has small dimensions and a low environmental impact, combining the values ​​of the brand and the style of Studio Piva, which has chosen to work on a simple element, with a design that is not limited to developing parallel to the wall , but which outlines an elegant and essential rhythm. The forms of Parenthesis recall the shape of a parenthesis, alluding to the idea of ​​movement in its pure but dynamic form, with sinuous and refined lines. One aspect that distinguishes it is the modularity, which allows the product to integrate into the home, residential, public or private environment, depending on the needs of the end user. The combination and composition of several pieces allows this radiator to perform multiple functions at the same time, maintaining the original heating one and becoming, if necessary, a shelf and support surface if positioned horizontally, a bathroom towel holder and support for various hangers thanks to the concave shapes in which be able to insert the different accessories. In addition, Parenthesis is extremely customizable: it is available in both electric and hydraulic versions and with a low water content, in different sizes and finishes in all the colors of the Caleido RAL range. The sustainability of the product is mainly due to its processing: it is in fact extruded aluminum profiles, a 100% recycled and recyclable material. A single material and cutting-edge product from a technological point of view, which reduces energy consumption, in an osmotic relationship with the surrounding interiors so as to become an integral part of the environment. Aluminum, in addition to having high thermal performance, makes the product performing and adaptable to different humidity conditions.