BRAND Viessmann
Ensure a pleasant indoor climate, optimizing consumption and ensuring the ease of use of the appliance. This is the goal of Vitoclima by Viessmann air conditioners. The range of models is made up of proposals dedicated to the residential and commercial sectors: the Vitoclima 232-S, Vitoclima 200-S Comfort and Vitoclima 300-Style residential monosplit series, the Vitoclima 300-S residential and commercial multisplit series, the Vitoclima 242-S series for small businesses. All the devices in the residential range pay attention to indoor air quality: thanks to the integrated cold plasma or NTP technology, they are able to reduce the presence of pathogens in the environment by up to 90 percent in two hours. NTP technology does not introduce chemicals into the air, but is based on the natural process of ionization carried out, precisely, in the cold, that is, through the action of an oscillating electric field that causes the increase in the kinetic energy of the molecules. The characteristics that make them ideal for meeting different needs are common to all the devices in the residential range: from the use of the ecological R32 refrigerant gas, which guarantees reduced CO2 emissions, to the Turbo function, which allows you to quickly reach the set temperature. cooling mode, and to Autorestart, which restores the initial settings after the accidental interruption of the power supply, up to the I feel sensor integrated in the remote control, able to detect the exact temperature of a room and automatically adjust it according to the settings. Remote system management via Wi-Fi allows you to easily program the functions of the devices remotely, while the use of inverter technology allows you to maintain a constant temperature, avoiding continuous start-ups and shutdowns and reducing energy waste and bill costs. The possibility of a 3D air flow, that is 360 °, guarantees maximum comfort in every point of the air-conditioned rooms.