Avant Toi Home Collection by Avant Toi

BRAND Avant Toi
DESIGNER Mirko Ghignone

The Avant Toi Home collection, created by Mirko Ghignone, designer and co-founder together with his sister Fiorella Ghignone, reflects the experimental approach in the processing of cashmere, wool and other noble materials such as silk and linen, which has always been a characteristic of the world of Avant Toi. Design elements such as blankets, pillows, rugs, felts, tablecloths are transformed into precious objects. The double bedspread in slightly felted stretch cashmere jersey, is characterized by a soft and enveloping hand. The particular coloring was made completely by hand like a painted canvas. The important detail is a contrasting cashmere embroidery that finishes the entire perimeter, highlighting the vibrant colors, full of light and the geometries alternating with floral explosions.