Quadrello by Avant Toi

BRAND Avant Toi
DESIGNER Mirko Ghignone
Avant Toi’s desire to amaze never ceases. The innovative and unconventional Italian brand Avant Toi that launched its exclusive Home Collection in 2018, presents Quadrello (design by Mirko Ghignone). In its classic or jumbo version, it is a versatile and fascinating element that can also dress the home, the sofa or bed, with a true explosion of color. A vintage foulard is fused together with a precious cashmere and silk base through a needle punching technique, and then it is painted by hand with an airbrush (distinctive symbol of the brand). Thanks to this combination, vintage pieces find a new life and a completely new energy. The mixture between fashion, luxury and interior design is enhanced by the recovery of materials, in order to reduce waste and the impact on the environment.