Wear your home, Home with you by Domenico Caraceni

The historic tailoring company Domenico Caraceni, which has been celebrating the love of elegance since 1913, presents Wear your home, Home with you, its first item dedicated to the home and designed by Virginia Campagna, the brand’s artistic director. The travel and home set is composed of 3 pieces: a handmade double-face plaid in pure cashmere that can be personalised with one’s initials; a double-threaded sartorial pocket that allows objects to be kept both at home and away; and a soft cushion with a hand-embroidered logo. All to be stored in a numbered en pendant pouch, ready to be carried almost everywhere. The Wear your home - Home with you set is a unique and exclusive object, designed by the excellence of Made in Italy manufacturing and made entirely by hand to dress the spaces with the same unique style of the man who inhabits them.