Naturalismo by Frette

BRAND Frette
DESIGNER Project office
Frette presents Naturalismo, its inaugural capsule collection of organic and sustainable bed linens, Made in Italy. The Sheet Set crafted from 100% organic cotton represents the remarkable marriage of Frette’s iconic heritage with its commitment to weave sustainability into the brand’s legacy. Masterfully crafted by Italian artisans, the Naturalismo Sheet Set is distinguished by its luxurious natural hue, imbued through an exclusive, entirely organic dyeing process utilising dried organic poppy petals. Special care and consideration have been dedicated to each stage: from materials selection and dyeing expertise to fabric finishing and packaging. In celebration of Naturalismo, the visual artist Alberto Maria Colombo brings to life an immersive, multisensory digital experience that transports viewers to an otherworldly oasis exuding the inherent power and beauty of nature.