Divina Collection by Glamora

BRAND Glamora
DESIGNER Project office
Divina Collection is a new collection by Glamora of wallcoverings proposing scenes inspired by the Art Déco period, in particular by the elegance of the billowy silk dresses worn by the women of that time. The wallcoverings are crafted on GlamSatin, a material that evoke the light movement and the shimmer of silk. Following a precise aesthetical vision, against the neutral backdrop of earthy hues like dove grey, grey, powder-pink, and clay, exquisite weaves come to life while botanical patterns, highly impactful in tactile intensity, spring forth in shades of gold, brass, and platinum. Divina Collection on GlamSatin proposes 14 designs, often crafted onto split-level layers to create an original sense of visual depth, which find their application in classic and contemporary spaces, residential and business settings, or high-end hospitality.