DESIGNER Rodolfo Dordoni
Ghisa, the radiator designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Antrax IT marks an important step in the design-oriented evolution of an object, the radiator, that is increasingly the protagonist of the home.
Like all the products made by the Venetian company – which has been reinterpreting and working exclusively on this type of product since 1996, resorting to innovative materials and the refinement of the shape – Ghisa was created to decline the traditional aesthetic standards of the radiator with a strong essentiality of signs, precise details and ideal proportions.
In fact, Dordoni, Milanese architect and designer, heir to the Lombard tradition of the great masters, has designed a radiator, elegant and extremely functional, consisting of slender elements with a polygonal section, tapered at both ends, which are connected on both sides by an equal number of metal parts made of die-cast, linear or curvilinear, to build the perimeter of the radiator. The light joining lines give rhythm to the structure of the product, whose three types of components are perfectly studied in size, with complex shapes interlocking with each other. Also enhancing its harmony is the relationship between solids and voids, which give rise to an identical repeated sequence and determine the identity of the project, available in different configurations, sizes and in two versions, vertical or horizontal.
Ghisa, a reference to the affectionate nickname used in Milan to indicate the traffic policeman, is the chosen name but the material used to make it is actually 100% recyclable aluminum, with a very low water content and high thermal performance. For these reasons it is a sustainable product, with hydraulic operation onlyt where design and technology come together.
Offered in a range of special colors, including some in embossed version, Ghisa can be formed from a minimum of four to a maximum of eight elements, selectable in different lengths (100, 150, 180 and 200 cm) and can be accessorized with hooks and towel holder in polished stainless steel that make it ideal for the bathroom.