Gyrofocus Bioethanol

DESIGNER Dominique Imbert

The latest innovation is the bioethanol model. The innovation is designed to be completely autonomous thanks to operation via rechargeable battery. The electronic burner is operated by remote control and the flue-free combustion does not require an external flue. The model can now be installed in rooms that do not meet the technical requirements for the installation of a classic wood or gas fireplace. The filling of the appliance by means of a pump with an anti-overflow protection, the impossibility of refilling and re-lighting after operation while the fireplace is still hot, as well as the integrated CO2 sensor, make the new Gyrofocus bioethanol burner a safe device. And it was precisely to ensure the safety of the product that Focus decided to work with Ignisial Paris, specialising in the production of haut de gamme bioethanol burners, to develop a unique burner specifically designed for the characteristic and timeless shape of the Gyrofocus. In terms of design, the size of the flames has been calibrated to occupy the interior space of the fireplace and be in harmony with the firebox opening. The aesthetics of the flames, the ceramic logs and the the simulated glowing bed of embers are reminiscent of an authentic wood fire. With excellent heat output, the new bioethanol Gyrofocus delivers a comfortable and generous fire, true to its history and DNA. The design is so distinctive that Focus continues to evolve its fuel mode (outdoor wood, Ecodesign glazed wood, gas and now bioethanol) without ever changing its original shape.