In 2021, Tubes focused on the evolution of some iconic products. The operation was dubbed "without end". A technical and typological expansion of already widely known product families, which first of all serves to keep up with the times and to respond to market expectations. Rift, Milan and Soho find new applications and, above all, adapt to a technology that simplifies their use and facilitates interactions. A range expansion operation based on technological innovation and new architectural functions. Soho, a project signed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba in 2008, is presented in the Soho / Electrical version. From a formal point of view, nothing has changed, apart from the addition of a switch that gracefully resolves its presence and gives a technological aspect to an otherwise very analogue object. The on / off control regulates ignition, shutdown and temperature. Alternatively, you can choose to use your device via bluetooth or a digital thermostat. The innovation of Soho / Electrical is therefore hidden in the technological solution and in the green choices of the material: recyclable aluminum and high energy efficiency.