Vitodens 100-E

BRAND Viessmann
The latest addition to the Viessmann family, the Vitodens 100-E water heater, summarizes a series of the most common functional, dimensional and technological needs. First of all, it is a condensing boiler that can be installed both inside and outside the home. A fundamental possibility to be flexible both when renewing the thermo-hydraulic system and when starting from scratch. The dimensions and a depth of only 249 millimeters make it possible to imagine that Vitodens 100-E can also be installed in pre-existing or very small spaces. The location of the water heater is one of those problems that are deeply felt for aesthetic reasons. In the case of this product it is actually a secondary problem: the geometric shape and the simplicity of the appearance make it a practically invisible object, capable of camouflaging itself even when placed in sight. But once again the dimensions assumed a reduction in complexity and better integration in the domestic scenario. From a technological point of view, Vitodens-100 E is a state-of-the-art product. Safe and efficient at the highest levels, it can be purchased as part of the 65% tax reduction when combined with a level V, VI, and VII thermoregulation class. In addition to the economic advantage, the advanced technology of Vitodens-100 and integrates a Matrix-Plus burner: safe, efficient and silent. In addition to being a guarantee of energy savings and maximum reliability in the consumption control system. Finally, the Viessmann water heater can be used in hybrid thermal systems, which combine boiler and heat pump to achieve maximum energy efficiency and truly powerful consumption management. And the space theme, also in this case, is tackled with a project that compacts the volumes and functions for a combined installation of the two appliances. The system can be controlled by Viessmann remote controls that interact with autonomous thermostats or controlled by apps via the internet, depending on the needs.