Tiara Luce by Venini

BRAND Venini
The skilful handling of the glass is joined by the infinite potential of light: Tiara Luce by Venini is an object with myriad facets made using hand blown glass with the “balloton” technique, with metal mold for cross relief effect. The creation bearing the name of a jewelled royal crown, a symbol of sovereign strength, authority, and power, represents the bond between the material – the glass – and the expertise of the master craftsman. The table lamp, created by Francesco Lucchese in 2018, has been redesigned: not from an expressive point of view, but rather that of lighting technology. Four colours: amber, horizon, grey and pink. Venini’s luminous creations are characterised by an eye-catching aesthetic expression, with state-of-the-art design using the latest developments in lighting technology.