8 itineraries in 8 Italian regions selected by 12 local creatives, with addresses and calendar: Interni's special holiday report for art and design lovers

If you are looking for information on where to go on holiday in summer 2023 and find art and design (as well as a well-deserved rest), you are in the right place.

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Indeed, Interni offers a serialized special, curated by Elena Cattaneo – who will accompany us starting this month – on the most interesting destinations in 8 Italian regions, selected from a pool of 12 creatives active in the territories (see list below).

No blockbuster exhibitions, therefore, or large international chain hotels but niche places and events, chosen with the heart by those who deeply know and love their land, together with places to sleep, eat and even buy products authentic crafts.

Each itinerary, once published, will also be accessible from the list below, which is continuously updated.

Art and design itineraries in Italy for summer 2023: the regions and the guides


On our journey to discover Sicily we will be accompanied by Magda Masano, designer and creator of the Folk brand (furnishing accessories in ceramic, lava stone and marble)


Gianfranco Setzu, designer and creative director, and Monica Casu, maker and interior designer, will take us to the heart of Sardinia




Luca Bochicchio scientific director of the MuDA Museo Diffuso Albisola (SV) has chosen an itinerary dedicated to the crafts and the territory


Who, better than the co-founder of the Festival of Contemporary Art Hypermaremma Matteo d'Aloja, could create an itinerary to discover an unknown Tuscany?

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Alberto Brizioli, director of the independent publishing house Emergenze Publishing and creator of Edicola 518, will accompany us on a surprising journey in his Umbria.


Monica Facchini of Paths of Art and Architecture has opened her notebook and selected a series of unmissable appointments for us, throughout the region.


For a Campania like you've never seen it before: the itineraries and places in the heart of Daniele Della Porta, designer and architect.


To find out what is happening in the world of architecture and design in the capital and throughout the region, they are always the reference points: Giulia Milza and Maria Antonia Rossi of Mint List.


Designer and artist, lover of craftsmanship, also highly appreciated in the high-ranking worlds of fashion (he has just signed a collection for Dolce & Gabbana Casa), Antonio Aricò takes us to his Calabria.

Trentino Alto-Adige

Discovering Trentino Alto-Adige with a contemporary twist: with Anna Quinz, creative director and co-founder of Franz, a communication agency specialized in editorial projects and text design.