It is not easy to leave the beach behind in Sardinia, but thanks to the travel advice of the designers Gianfranco Setzu and Monica Casu, love for the island can only increase

The Interni summer 2023 special continues with a meticulous itinerary to discover the less obvious and perhaps more stimulating Sardinia. From the northern provinces, Alghero and Sassari, Gianfranco Setzu and Monica Casu accompany us to Cagliari, crossing the center of the island

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Who are Gianfranco Setzu and Monica Casu, our guides in Sardinia?

The work of Gianfranco Setzu, designer and creative director, ranges from product design to visual artistic language . He has developed projects in various creative fields, collaborating with companies, galleries, museums and, like Monica Casu , he was a teacher in advanced graphic design training. Currently, she maintains her own collection of self-produced objects.

Monica Casu deals with product design, graphic and interior design, with experiences ranging from 3D modeling, photo shoots, blogging.

From Alghero to Sassari, shopping, art and food (photos 2-3-4)

Starting from Alghero and a stroll through the Catalan streets of the historic centre, the first tip is to take a leap into the splendid boutique of Antonio Marras, as well as to shop, to enjoy the beautiful space and the ever-changing layout.

Along the ramparts there are restaurants for all tastes, if you want to try local tastes, however, look for the famous focaccia al Milese and conclude with an excellent artisanal myrtle ice cream.

The itinerary continues towards Sassari and the first unmissable stop is the Tavolara Pavilion, recently reopened, architecturally marvellous, inside you can visit exhibitions where design meets craftsmanship.

Another typical traditional Sassari street food must be tried in the city, the 'fainé', a sort of chickpea focaccia to be enjoyed simple or with toppings of your choice, which betrays the Genoese influence of culture city gastronomy.

Finally, in the historical centre, visit the Bagella boutique, to discover original Sardinian clothing . Here, on August 3, the boutique will host an event starring Monica Casu and Giafnranco Setzu with their latest projects, between design and fashion.

Exploring the center of the island

Traveling south along the 131, a detour to Orani is recommended, the town of the artist and designer Costantino Nivola, which is home to the homonymous < a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow" class="external">Museum, a beautiful structure, active both from an artistic and cultural point of view.

From here continue to Nuoro and the Man, Nuoro Art Museum, important museum of contemporary art: Matisse, Metamorphosis and Maria Lai and Joerge Eielson, 100 thousand stars the two exhibitions that open in July.

For the break, the advice is to taste 'su pane lentu' with 'purpuzza, a deconstructed sausage with strong and decisive flavours.

The time has come to take a leap back in time, thanks to Tettamanzi cafe, built in 1875 by the cabinetmaker Antonio Tettamanzi. The restaurant has always been frequented by historical personalities, such as Deledda and Sebastiano Satta, to whom the main town square is dedicated, created by da Nivola himself.

Around Oristano, the most authentic expressions of the Mediterranean

Still on the 131, you reach Oristano, the area of the famous white beaches of Sinis. Along the way you can visit the necropolis of Mont'e Prama, where you can discover the magical and yet to be deciphered culture of the Giants, unique sculptures in the Mediterranean.

It is a must to taste the mostaccioli of Oristano accompanied by a typical Vernaccia, at the Dolce Vita café, a place with red brick vaulted ceilings and welcoming classic furnishings. To stay in the area, the advice is Limolo Eco House, a structure built in bio-architecture strong> from the recovery of a typical raw earth dwelling.

Limolo was born from the passion of the owner, Daniela Meloni, for sailing and the recovery of materials and the meeting with the green architect Luciano Pia who oversaw the recent expansion (2021).

To top it off, the flavors of Cagliari

Once in Cagliari, the capital of the island, the inevitable stop is the lungomare Poetto which hosts many excellent cafes for lunches and aperitifs.

In the center, however, don't miss the characteristic Cagliari meringue at Tramer (one of the favorite vices of Antonio Gramsci, but also of Emilio Lussu and Nanny Loi).

A visit to the Comunale D'Arte Gallery is a must! where you can admire the splendid permanent collection, with works by Francesco Ciusa, one of the most important Sardinian sculptors.

Finally, if you are looking for a place capable of combining traditional cuisine with a look that flies towards the future, your landing point is Josto, where you can also admire the wonderful work of the ceramic artist Fabio Frau.

At Josto, the mastery and creativity of Chef patron Pierluigi Fais can be followed live thanks to the open kitchen, immersed in an informal atmosphere: guests can, for example, choose the music from the vinyls available.