The unmissable destinations to stock up on design and architecture inspiration while unplugging and relaxing ​

The Christmas holidays, more often than not, translate into the choice of two opposing travel destinations: on the one hand, the high mountains, to enjoy skiing and nature among snow-covered forests and peaks of rare beauty ; on the other, atolls kissed by the sun, to guarantee a second summer, leaving the frost and darkness behind.

In this article, however, we want to offer you something completely different: what would you say, this Christmas, about spending your time off duty in designer destinations, to enjoy design, architecture and art installations and return home enriched by refined inspirations and beauty in every form? Here is our selection: ready to book?

1. Miami

At the beginning of December, Florida's most famous city attracted collectors and investors from all over the world with its mega Art Basel Miami Beach 23 fair, dedicated to contemporary art.

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But art is available 365 days a year for those who visit Miami: ranging from the original Wilzig Erotic Art Museum, with a collection of works and objects dedicated to the world of eros, at the Pérez Art Museum, designed by the studio Herzog & De Meuronand containing over 3000 works of contemporary art. A tour of the Art Déco District is unmissable, with architecture created from a tropical interpretation of the style that was popular from the 1920s to the 1940s.

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2. Helsinki

The Finnish capital conquers with its peaceful atmosphere and at the beginning of winter it is in its element, more fascinating than ever. There are many gems contained in the city for all design lovers: starting from the Design Museum, dedicated to the history of Finnish design (known internationally for its masterpieces).

Don't miss the Artek (we also talked about it here), whose collection of furniture (including those by Alvar Aalto) is nothing short of iconic.

To experience the contemporary local design scene first-hand, head to the Lokal Gallery, which selects and showcases works and artefacts by Finnish artists and designers, including many emerging names.

3. Zurich

A must stop in the highly efficient Swiss city. Apart from the fact that the landscape context (little known to most) is wonderful, with a lake and river in the background, as well as a historic center of great charm (the neighborhood Altstadt), the financial capital of Europe boasts an immense exhibition space dedicated to design, namely the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, with permanent and temporary works.

The famous Pavillon Le Corbusier is also managed by the museum, the last building designed by the visionary archistar, making extensive use of exposed concrete, steel and glass. A cult monument for those who love Le Corbusier.

4. Singapore

Ok, not exactly a short trip, but a visit to this futuristic Asian city-state is absolutely worth the effort of the flight and the jet-lag.

Those who visited his Red Dot Design Museum were enthusiastic. Inside, in fact, the museum contains a selection of over 1000 design pieces that have been awarded as part of the Red Dot Design Awards.

Located on the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, it is an excellent starting point for exploratory tours of the metropolis. To discover emerging Asian artists, however, go to the Redsea Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

5. Berlin

A city with underground charm, famous for its lively underground life and alternative lifestyle, it is home to one of the truly unmissable destinations for anyone who appreciates design.

We are obviously talking about the one and only Bauhaus Archiv/Design Museum: located inside the Tiergarten, in a building designed by Walter < strong>Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus, maintains a rich collection dedicated to this revolutionary artistic and cultural movement.

The architectural icon of the city, the Jewish Museum of Berlin designed by Daniel Libeskind, has a high visual and emotional impact. And then wander without a specific destination in the Kreuzberg district: in the west of Berlin, it is home to ateliers and art galleries with a cosmopolitan mood.