Designed for yacht owners who love to live in the open air, in contact with the water and in complete privacy, the new Benetti B.Now 50M, available with shorter delivery times, is presented here in an exclusive limited edition designed by Roberto Baciocchi, in which the aesthetic signifies the function

Benetti is the oldest Italian shipyard to specialize in luxury yachts. An icon of timeless style, it creates unique boats, from 29 meters to over 100 meters overall length, embodying the desires of every yacht owner.

Among the latest models presented, the B.Now 50M is definitely one of the projects of the moment, defined by distinctive geometric external lines, created in collaboration with the British RWD design studio.

The uniqueness of this 50-meter boat, however, also lies in the fact that it presents an exclusive limited edition decor in the interiors created by one of the most prestigious names in architecture, with the Gruppo Azimut|Benetti shipyard drawing on his work to define this category. The interiors are by Roberto Baciocchi. Aboard the B.Now 50M, the Tuscan architect has ensured that the space is unhampered by boundaries. The decor is entrusted to the balances created by silk, leather and special fibers, materials that, though differing from each other, are combined so that they retain their individual qualities and enhance the reflection of light. In this way rosewood, used polished in the living room floor, seems to have been forged and bleached by the sea salt. It amplifies the diffusion of light conveying warmth and comfort. Sofas, wooden furnishings and seats are suspended in space to give the whole decor a marked sense of lightness. This perception is heightened by the use of bronze, with its ability to reflect light used to define the surface of the furniture, forged in soft and sinuous forms. Original chandeliers are part of the emotional project created by Baciocchi, placed in unusual ways, with the precise purpose of getting away from the simple decorative function by creating dreamlike atmospheres. “It’s like imagining sailing in a dreamy atmosphere where time is suspended and what matters is only the well-being of everyone on board,” says the architect Roberto Baciocchi, as he explains his work on the B.Now 50M, which he also described as “an intriguing and striking challenge”.

An obsessive concern for detail, technical know-how, constant research and the skills of expert Tuscan craftworkers all make the ambiance of this yacht’s settings unique, with the aesthetics never treated as an end in themselves, but translated into the search for targeted architectural choices that bring out the sense of continuity between interior and exterior.