Bringing home back to life after the pandemic also means rethinking how technology – which has helped us so much during the lockdown and still today with smart working – can be better integrated into the domestic daily landscape. A thought that Deutsche Telekom started to make before the emergency and that has materialized in three realistic scenarios told through videos

No one is surprised today, in the Covid era, that our homes need to be multi-purpose. For weeks there have been offices, schools, and now they will increasingly be places to meet and chat with friends, dine and socialize, experience events and conceptual ideas, in small groups.

But the pandemic did not generate this change, it only drew on an already consolidated trenda and growing needs: to live in houses where technology facilitates relationships.

Deutsche Telekom found out by carrying out research in 4 European countries just before the health emergency, identifying trends and lifestyles related to home technology. From this information, the German tech giant then developed - using a holistic design approach - three home living scenarios called Digital Life Style, today more than ever current, in which technology supports an increased but also more human experience.

Here they are.