Elena Salmistraro is the perfect person to talk about design and happiness: her projects, a mix of art, design, travel inspirations, fashion and culture in the broadest sense, always succeed in the difficult task of emotionally animating those who use them

She designs objects, spaces, installations but above all the world that revolves around them. Elena Salmistraro is an artist before being a designer and she has created a language that comes from all the worlds from which she draws inspiration: fashion, travel, history, design, art.

Elena Salmistraro manages to move in different universes and thanks to her playful, sophisticated and cultured language she has managed to attract the attention of giants such as Apple, Ikea, Nike with whom she has created works that have brought her to international prominence.

We chose to talk to her about happiness because Elena is one of those people who really puts her heart into her projects and manages to animate the people who come into contact with her objects.