Loving your home and being loved in return. Exercises for reconnecting to your own living spaces, by Scavolini

Loving our homes is a process that starts from within and is renewed infinite times in life. But perhaps never as during the lockdown period did we question our relationship with domesticity.

According to Fabiana Scavolini, Scavolini's CEO, this period of forced "staying at home" has taught us that when we love our spaces they too, when needed, reciprocate. Just like what happened in the difficult weeks between February and May.

To these findings, Scavolini responded by creating a video that was not born to sell products but to celebrate the small and powerful passions that are born and grow within our four walls. In which the protagonists are us, but also the objects and furnishings that we have chosen to keep us company on this journey called life. Fabiana Scavolini tells it in this testimony, collected during the quarantine.