The Country Manager of Patagonia Italia tells the genesis of the first B Corp in the world: the sportswear giant is in fact a company born to take care of the environment and people since its origins.

To be a B Corporation, as you can read in the interview with Eric Ezechieli, you need to reach a score above 80 on a sustainability assessment scale of the non-profit B Lab. Patagonia has a score of 151.4 points. It is therefore at the top of the world in terms of its ability to combine business and positive impact on a social, governance and environmental level.

One could say that for a brand born from the dream of a group of Californian climbers and surfers, it is almost mathematical to be a benefit corporation. And it is true that the desire to create durable and environmentally friendly products from happy workers has always been in the mission of the American company. That said, it is not easy to reach heights of excellence in doing well as Patagonia did. How do you design such a company? We asked Fabio Zardini, Patagonia's Country Manager Italy.