Matteo Ragni is the creative director of a new stationery brand created by the paper giant Pigna: PdiPigna. In this video he tells the genesis of the brand and the first collections, designed for lovers of writing and digital detox

There is a bit of Pigna in all of us: always and forever. Pigna was part of the life of our grandparents and their grandparents before them, and it still is for our children. Because since 1839, Pigna - which in Italy is the largest and oldest producer of copybooks and notebooks - has always meant school. Lessons, assignments, revisions. But also heartbeats, fears, defeats, successes and revenge. The soundtrack of a moment in life where everything is huge, unforgettable, indissoluble. From this universe of authentic and powerful emotions  personal and universal together – a new brand is born today: PdiPigna, explained here by the creative director Matteo Ragni.

PdiPigna is a digital detox, a collection of analog instruments that invite you to express yourself slowly, placing thoughts and words, symbols. Finding the pleasure of beautiful handwriting and writing as a mirror of us.