How is a virtuous synergy created between general contractors, construction companies, suppliers and architects? How do complex international contract projects develop? A discussion on the Mexico case and the role of the ICE

The alchemy between general contractors, construction companies, companies that deal with subcontracts and the vision of the designers can make the difference in the result of a project, contributing to the development of a country and a city. We talked about it with Giovanni Luca Atena, Director of the ICE office for Mexico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica and with some Italian architects and designers - Alexander Bellman, Matteo Nunziati - and Mexicans - Paola Calzada, Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta - who shared their experience in the international contract sector, a rapidly evolving market.

Moderator Ricardo Salas Moreno, graphic designer and past-director Facultad de Diseño - Universidad Anáhuac México.