How is the concept of craftsmanship changing? And how can skills and knowledge be preserved and transmitted? We talked about it with Michele and Pico De Lucchi

From what was intended to be a laboratory for designing and manufacturing objects with the utmost freedom of expression, free from the client and closely linked to the hands-on know-how typical of artisan crafts, a real production brand was born, Produzione Privata that , thanks to the collaboration with about twenty shops located in various regions of Italy, since 1990 it has created 17 thousand products: lamps, vases, chairs and 'unexpected objects'.

At first they were the ones that Michele De Lucchi designed for his house, then they became families of products and in some cases real best sellers. With Michele and Pico De Lucchi we talked about how the concept of craftsmanship is changing and how skills and knowledge can be preserved and transmitted. And we asked them how Produzione Privata is changing, what news we should expect.