Different collections that intersect, seamlessly. Atmospheres for in and outdoor. A journey into the Minotti universe, accompanied by co-CEO Roberto Minotti

On behalf of the whole family, Roberto Minotti (co-CEO of Minotti with his brother Renato) welcomes us in the company showroom, the space reserved for the presentation of the collections.

We are in the heart of the Italian furniture manufacturing district, Brianza. It is here that the family receives customers from all over the world to show the "best" of the collections. In these spaces, the new mixes with the most iconic pieces of the past, creating a mix that expresses the essence of the brand and serves as inspiration for single-brand stores and stores all over the world.

On the terrace, the outdoor collection features a mélange of two lines designed by Marcio Kogan and Nendo. Two lines with strong, individual and singular signs that testify how a subtle red thread - the essence of the Minotti brand - connects all the creations of the brand allowing you to create a house full of different but synergistic aesthetic and design ideas.