Willam Sawaya on Sawaya & Moroni: the history, the relationship with architects, the new products 2020

A brand that brings together the two souls of the founders: William Sawaya, creative and sensitive designer, and Paolo Moroni, skilled marketing manager. Their products celebrate Italian manufacturing excellence combined with a search for concepts that best interpret the culture of the moment, together with an extreme search for precious and original materials.

They have been working together since 1984: William Sawaya, an Italian architect of Lebanese origin with great artistic skills and creative passion, and Paolo Moroni, an Italian philologist and pragmatist who deals with the image of the brand, public relations and company accounts. Both with a passion for architecture that has led them, over the years, to collaborate with the most prestigious brands in the field of architecture and design.

From the initial post modernism represented by Michael Graves they evolved through many movements and currents that: from O.M. Ungers, Jean Nouvel, Jakob + Makfarlane, Massimiliano Fuksas, Dominique Perrault, Daniel Libeskind, David Adjaye, Ma Yansong, Snøhetta. However, the stage that most marked and, in a certain sense marked Sawaya & Moroni, remains the meeting with Zaha Hadid.

Among the first to declare themselves "design editors", their furnishings stand out for their extreme formal research, touching the boundaries of art. Alongside the exclusive collections that tell the virtuosity of a skilful craftsmanship, combined with sophisticated materials, there are also the parts produced in part in an industrial way, more accessible: so that their production does not remain mainly the preserve of some elites.