Today at 5 pm (by invitation, and online from 8 pm), the tenth conference of the Talk series organized by INTERNI on the occasion of the INTERNI DESIGNER'S WEEK. We will talk about LIGHT

Data and lighting travel together; here is that the future of the spaces we live in, both internal and urban, passes through the network cable, strongly affecting the shape of cities and architecture, and deeply affecting our living conditions. And this great game is being played by intelligent light design.

They will talk about it. moderated by Donatella Bollani, journalist:

Silvana Angeletti, Angeletti Ruzza Design, Felice Limosani, digital light artist, Federico Palazzari, Owner and CEO Nemo Lighting, Carlo Urbinati, President of Assoluce


Photo cover by Gianluca Vassallo for Foscarini, Shanghai